Trissola True and True+ Online Certification. 

Watch the video below and complete the quiz to become a certified smoothing stylist. 

In order to be certified with Trissola as a smoothing stylist, you must get at least 80% on the quiz below. 

Prep Shampoo should be left on the hair for how long? *
In the second step, hair should be dried *
How many equal sections do you need to begin? *
What section do you begin to apply the solution? *
Can you over saturate the hair with solution? *
Do you apply the solution through the sections before continuing to the next step? *
Dryer should be set to: *
Round brushing each section is essential to the process. *
When drying the solution to the face you want to? *
After the solution is applied and dried, your next step is: *
Once you've completed the above, what's your next step? *
For blonde/over processed hair flat iron *
For normal/course/resistant hair flat iron *
Name *
Salon Address *
Salon Address