How this unstoppable duo Seals the Deal!

Stylists & Educators at Joseph’s College - Lincoln, Nebraska

My Phuong Pham & Kaili Eisenmenger

It’s never too late or too soon to start thinking about some of the operational issues that will impact and contribute to the success of your business. This unstoppable duo at Joseph’s College in the Lincoln, Nebraska location explain how they increased their level of trust with their clients and increased their revenue by offering one extra step in their services!

“Forever Ends" Split End Treatment


First things first, what is Forever Ends and who would be the ideal client for this treatment?

  • Forever ends is a split ends blow out cream that seals frayed, split raspy ends and can last up to four weeks.

  • Ideal Client: Anyone – it’s a cream infused with loads of antioxidants that adds amazing shine and helps promote hair growth. Who doesn’t need that? Another reason why this is my go to treatment.

Do you incorporate this treatment into all your services or is this an add on?

  • We offer different packages that include this treatment. However, it can easily be incorporated into all services.

How many treatments do you get out of one bottle?

  • You get around 25 treatments out of one bottle. Depending on how generous you are with your application.

How often can you get this treatment done?

  • You can get it done every six to eight weeks.

When will the client see results?

  • The client will see results instantly. Which is another reason this treatment is my go to treatment.

What tips can you offer other stylists/salons to help them incorporate this treatment into their services?

Start the conversation. Your client looks to you as their resource for knowledge on how they can improve their hair. The proof is in the pudding. When you offer something that gives results, the rest is history!


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