Smooth Beginnings

Trissola’s Founder, Lilly Balasanyan began her journey within the keratin industry when she began when she began offering the treatment within her own salon.

Shortly after, she became the direct distribution contact for a smoothing treatment brand offering the systems to salons all over the nation.With proven success, Balasanyan felt the need as a salon owner to create a treatment keeping the professionals time and well being in mind.  

After years of perfecting a system, she launched her first treatment called “True”. This revolutionary treatment was tested and proved to release the lowest amount of PPM (parts per million) on the market still to this day. The treatment can be applied within 60 minutes and lasts up to 3-6 months. Her wash and style method put her on the map worldwide.

Both the stylists and clients are now able to enjoy a much more comfortable experience without sacrificing results with our wide range of treatments.

Each product is infused with nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, omega 3’s, proteins and amino acids leaving the hair feeling healthier, stronger and youthful!

I felt the need as a salon owner to create a treatment that was not only time efficient but always keeping the professionals well being in mind!
— Lilly Balasanyan

Solo utilizes a unique ingredient called BoNT-L Peptide, a synthetic peptide with Botox-like activity. Infused with pro-vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Trissola Solo will turn the clock back on damaged hair, leaving it feeling smooth, silky, light and bouncy! Also sealing split ends and restructures the damage of everyday styling.

Just when you think her mission was complete, she found a hole in maintaining the longevity of the treatment. Additives such as sulfates and sodium, prematurely decrease the treatments lifespan. That’s when Trissola’s home care came to fruition! When creating the “Hydrating” line,

Balasanyan wanted to add value to the treatment but had the needs of the everyday consumer in mind. Each product can be used on all hair types, everyday! The treatments and homecare are now available in many locations worldwide!



We make a health conscious decision to incorporate the most natural and nourishing ingredients for the safety of our consumers as well as the planet. Hand picked ingredients, hand picked educators, and as always: paraben, sulfate, and sodium chloride free!